Our Community

Our community is made up of members of varying ages and experiences, and we each bring our own strengths, skills, and passions to the project. This page is for you to get to know us better as individuals.


Ben has had an ongoing interest in cohousing for many years and is enthused by the prospect of a more wholesome way of living with others. He was the originator for this project in 2019. Ben has a passion for engaging with community and purposeful collective movements.

An extroverted introvert. He is creative, outdoorsy, musical and crafty and loves festivals.


Simon is a wearer of many hats – from loving father, musician, coach, software engineer and leader to armchair philosopher. He is a co-founder of the project with Ben, drawn by a vision of living with his two children, friends and family, and building a values-led community that’s finding better ways of living in connection with each other and with the natural world.

Ross and Pam

A recently retired couple who ran their own signage business for 20 years.  Currently living in Heathmont, they heard about cohousing from their son Simon who is one of the founding members of the community.  They are both involved in the project with Pam active in community functions and the garden and Ross involved with everything else.  For fun, they ride their motorbike with Ross up front and Pam shouting instructions from the rear.

Fleassy, Rory, and Kaia

Currently cohousing residents at Murundaka they are a creative family; enjoying music, theatre, creativity and hugs. Fleassy is a writer, public speaking coach and spoken word artist. Rory is a web developer by day and a rockstar by night. Kaia is 8 years old and loves living in community and drawing.

Thern and Karina

Originally from “out of Africa” but have been travelling around Australia in a camper for nearly 16 months, as digital nomads. We’re now looking forward to settling down in beautiful Eltham in a cohousing community with amazing people who value connectedness. Our two sons (both in their twenties) live in Melbourne too. We both love nature … Karina loves flower arranging and has a passion for conservation of the native animal species, whereas Thern is a keen bushwalker, and enjoys stand-up paddling.

Nici and Alistair

Nici (a South African with many hats) and Alistair (a kiwi science geek) were drawn to this beautiful concept during lockdown, and decided to fully dive in when we stepped on the beautiful property. We both enjoy deep conversations, learning new things, dancing and bringing people together. We’re proud to be part of this pioneering project and look forward to living in community.

Caroline and Guy

Guy is from Melbourne, Caroline is from Canberra, Eltham is sort of in the middle.  We met doing community based workshops and want to live in a cohousing community.  Caroline is a retired Green politician and now an activist and gardener. Guy will probably never retire from computing which he loves. 

Jenny and Balthazar

Jenny has been working in the non-profit sector for 20 years, and has been involved with Melbourne’s doof scene since its inception in 1993. She is seeking to bring this love for building community to this cohousing project. Balthazar is 10 years old and keen on basketball and rock painting. Moving to Eltham will be a tree change after 15 years living in Fitzroy.


Helen grew up in South Australia, then lived in Queensland for 50 years, and has decided to move to Melbourne, in part because of this co-housing opportunity.  She is enthusiastic about health care advocacy, and roller derby.  She is hoping to improve her bike riding and roller skating skills when she moves to Eltham


Teresa has a professional interest in promoting Cohousing as a more socially, environmentally and affordable housing option. Retired with over 30 years in local government planning and environmental management including 10 years in South Africa, she convenes Cohousing Australia’s, Planning Policy Group.  She loves yoga, bushwalking, travel and indigenous cultures.


Previous Eltham North resident, who became interested in sustainable home building in 2008 prior to building a new home. Has been involved with sustainable open house day events and encouraging better residential designed homes for comfort and cost savings. She is community minded, working in the healthcare field and long-term volunteering with several organisations. A proud mum of a daughter (26) and son (23). Loves a bush walk or ride, gardening, cooking and enjoying our beautiful coastline.


Wouter is a GRAMMY-winning flutist from South Africa, now based in Melbourne. When he’s not fluting, he likes to stay active with yoga, dancing, walking/jogging and tennis. Proud dad of daughter Nici (who is also part of this co-housing community) and son Evo. 


Ngaire is a social scientist who teaches management practitioners to engage in more meaningful ways with their people. 

This reflects her devotion to building worthwhile relationships regarding sustainable life practices. 

Ngaire’s has set up several organic sustainable gardens and enjoys daily walks, swimming laps, playing Mahjong, and attending writers festivals.

Kim and Darren

Preston locals for 30 years, their interest in CoHousing blossomed after caravanning experiences with dogs on annual holidays. Kim’s interests are cooking, crafting and Op-shop bargains. Darren enjoys jigsaws, jogging and craft beer.

Jennifer and Gudmund

Gudmund was born in Denmark and has lived in the Eltham area since 1980. Retired Building Surveyor, he loves travel, sailing, building, repairing and growing things.  Jennifer worked as a midwife and early childhood community nurse. Enjoys travel, including voluntary aide overseas. Loves healing arts;  Founding member of Dance Therapy Institute of Australia.

Photo from Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Shaun and Suzanne

Suzanne & Shaun come from a performing arts background in dance. Whilst raising two daughters Shaun worked as a university lecturer in dance performance and Suzanne in women’s health care as a counsellor & dance therapist. They have a keen interest in sustainable living and community building. They both enjoy gardens & nature, architecture, the arts & yoga.