About us

Brougham Street Cohousing is an intergenerational housing project where the residents are the developers.  We value living in community with a mix of ages and family types and we believe that community enhances personal growth while helping us to live with a lighter footprint.

What We Are Building

We are building approximately 21 architect designed, high quality townhouse style homes on our beautiful land in Eltham Victoria.  These range in size from one bedroom to four bedroom and we are designing for carbon net zero living with a NatHers rating of 7+.  Since we are all co-developers, we hope to achieve a cost saving of approximately 15% under the market value of these homes. 

Building For Community

We are building the homes that we will live in as we build the community that is the heart of the project. At the point of moving in you own your unit, so it can be sold like any real estate; however, we are not building for the sake of resale. We hope most community members will stay as long as possible and support the long term vision of this community.

Community Facilities

A cohousing community includes facilities that are shared by community. Prominent among these are:

Our heritage listed mud brick studio where we can share meals, hang out, sit by the fire and entertain friends and family.

Landscape designed gardens with native species to attract birds and lift the spirit

Natural ponds in the lower levels of our block with lots of open space and big trees

Productive community gardens for fun and sustainability

These facilities will be managed by the community for the benefit of all community members. This also allows the homes to be modestly sized without losing access to open space.